Blogger for a Day: Find your own Cape Day

I don't know were else to put this, so why not here, in a blog about upcoming events in Charlotte. I would like to propose a new holiday. And we shall call it Cape Day, and it will be good. But before I get into this amazing idea for a new holiday, let me explain what happened:

Awhile back, I was driving down the highway on a Saturday morning. Some dude blows by me on a crotch rocket going about 90 miles an hour. I wouldn't have given this d-bag a second thought, except I noticed… he was wearing a cape. It was black, it was mid length, and I didn't mistake it for something else, Bubs (My nickname for him) was wearing a cape.

Immediately, my reaction was mixed. Was Bubs the lamest wang I had ever seen? Or… Was he the greatest human being I had ever seen? I went to my friend Mike's house, told him what happened, and asked him what he thought. His reaction was immediate. "The greatest human being ever." His reason was: "That guy probably bought that cape years ago. It had been sitting in his closet, and everyday Bubs left the house and thought to himself, "Is today the day I wear the cape? (Thinks about it) Nope. Not today." He probably looked at that cape hundreds of times and each time he said to himself, no. But this morning, that bastard looked in the closet and said, "You know what? Today is the day. Saturday is Cape Day. So he put it on, and his wife starts yelling at him about how stupid he looks, and he should never have bought the cape in the first place, and he ignores her and wears it anyway. To Bubs, today might be the greatest day of his life. Because Saturday is Cape Day."

I was stunned. Mike is the type of guy that usually talks about how much better The White Stripes sound on vinyl, or drops a dime on the people who smoke weed at work. (Answer: almost everyone but me) But for some reason, on this random Saturday morning, Mike was like some sort of mystic shaman but better, because he didn't smell like patchouli and incense. (The old hippie version of Axe Body Spray)

Mike and I decided on that same Saturday we were going to each think of something separately that we had always wanted to do but never had, no matter how small or stupid the idea. We were going to have our own version of Cape Day. I'm not going to tell you what I did, because it's not nearly as awesome as driving a motorcycle while wearing a cape. I can tell you that Mike always wanted to get drunk at 9 in the morning and see how long he could keep drinking without becoming a problem to everyone around him. (Answer: 2am. He was a damn champion.) So take my proposal seriously, Charlotteans. Because my first Cape Day turned out to be one of the best days of my adult life. Thanks, Bubs. I hope you had a great Cape Day as well, buddy.

Sean "Sean Keenan" Keenan

Editor's note: In a moment of weakness we decided to turn the Revue blog over to Sean and let him do with it whatever he wished. He has not disappointed.

Read more about Sean here and his hope to one day become a Russian cosmonaut.

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