Bouquet Toss

Seasonal Guide to Flowers
Floral arrangement from Jan. '13 issue (Story: Urban Oasis)

Wedding bells and bouquets in bloom may not always align when it comes to the vision a bride has for her floral arrangements. And while most anything can be flown in from across the globe, the premiums are steep. The less stressful (and more budget-friendly) option is to choose flowers in season for your big day. Aside from a handy list below which details each season's flowers in bloom, here are a few additional basics to keep in mind: For those in want of a large variety of pink, spring and summer will present the most options. Vibrant reds and yellows grow in winter, and these intense hues can easily be toned down with the addition of greens such as Molucella. Autumn blooms include rich reds and oranges. So, now that you have the color basics in your arsenal, you can consult our detailed list below to reference specific flowers you may have in mind. And for some additional stats on several favorite flowers, be sure to read up on our Poetic Petals story from the June '12 issue here

Dress at right: Catherine Dean Godiva Gown

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