Bruce Springsteen, the Super Bowl and ex-Observer writers

A friend sent me this link to a great read. It's by Joe Posnanski for Sports Illustrated, about coming to terms with Bruce Springsteen playing the Super Bowl halftime show. A little backstory:

In the piece, Posnanski writes about attending Springsteen's last Charlotte show. I was there, too, and it was great. (As a hardcore and longtime Bruce fan, I have no qualms with him playing the Super Bowl. Why should Tom Petty get all the love? Just, please, don't play "Dancing in the Dark.") I mean, it was transcendently great. I've seen him play maybe a dozen times, and that one was the best. Which is amazing, because he's not young.

Also, Posnanski used to write for the Observer. And he commiserates with the Washington Post's Liz Clarke for the story. She has seen Bruce play more than 100 times, and she's practically disconsolate over Bruce playing the Super Bowl (or, as the Best Buy circulars call it, "The Big Game"). Her story about her particular situation will run in this Sunday's Washington Post magazine. Also, back in 1994, I spent the first afternoon of my internship at The Charlotte Observer helping Liz stuff envelopes for a massive survey of every single NCAA Division I men's basketball player.

So here's my point(s). One, Posnanski's piece is very good, and you should read it. Two, Springsteen. Three, it's a damn shame that neither Posnanski nor Clarke are still writing sports for the Observer. Instead, we're stuck with [redacted].

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