Brunch Beat Down

An inspirational trip to an uptown brunch standby
Sarah Nowicki
This is what happens AFTER you give up on poaching an egg.
Brunch: The beatiful in-between and all-too-often-forgotten meal

I recently had a delicious brunch that has inspired me to try, once more, to poach an egg. There's something to be said for the silky yolk running down a toasted baguette. There's also something to be said for my culinary skills which, I will say, are pretty amazing. Seriously, they are. I'm just saying. However, they've never quite seemed to apply to breakfast (a recent experience with a blackened waffle is testament to this, as are my subsequent failures with French toast). 

At uptown's Dandelion Market, the Caprese baguette brunch was the perfect start to my day and wasn't too heavy — an issue I often have with brunch adventures. Fresh mozzarella, sweet tomato, a toasted baguette slice and a poached egg, topped with a lemony and very creamy pesto, was clearly a perfect albeit simple and delicious combination. I could make this … it may take awhile, but I could definitely make this.

So I went home and tried to put together my own version of the Dandelion creation. I will spare you the grisly details, but poaching an egg is clearly not my strong point. After a few tries, I did get it right, but I may leave this to the pros at Dandelion.

One thing I do know how to make, however, is a Bloody Mary. I was able to express myself fully via the bloody bar at Dandelion. A few of these, and any breakfast is pretty spot on. If you want to learn from my wisdom on this drink of drinks, make sure of a few things:

First, have a great mix and a great vodka. The drink is only as good as the base ingredients. Second, Worcestershire sauce is important and gives the drink a meaty backbone — don't ignore it. Third, horseradish is an often neglected ingredient, but needs to be incorporated. It provides a heat that hits as the drink goes down but doesn't overpower the rest of your concoction. Lastly, garnishes are everything. A pickle, an olive, a stalk of celery — whatever you do, don't ignore these toppings.This is one breakfast item that definitely lends itself to your creativity.  

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