By this time next year, Charlotte will have a new mayor

Pat McCrory announced he's not running again. Almost half the city has never known another mayor. His first year in the big chair was my first year working at this magazine. So we've been through a lot together. But the main thing we've been through is one huge boom--a boom that appears to be ending. A cynic might say that McCrory is getting out while the getting out is good. I don't see it that way.


I've always figured McCrory was picking his spot to run for a higher office. He waited and waited for Sue Myrick to step aside so he could run in her district, but she never did. So he ran for governor. He got a late start and ran in a terrible year to be a Republican. But he faced an eminently beatable candidate in Bev Perdue, and he lost. (By the way, lots of folks express wonder that McCrory lost Mecklenburg County, but he actually beat McCain's numbers significantly, which in my book is essentially a win.)

And now he–and I guarantee you his wife played a major role in his decision–is moving on. The boom is ending; McCrory is moving on. Charlotte is all of a sudden becoming a very different place.

McCrory has annointed John Lassiter to run in his place, just like Richard Vinroot did for him once upon a time. Lassiter will face Anthony Foxx, and it'll be a hell of a race. And we'll finally have something to cover when it comes to the Mayor's race. 

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