Celebrity Style: Gossip Girl

So I might have mentioned how much I love Gossip Girl once or twice before. Seriously though, how can you not love this show? I watch if for no other reason than to see the next headband Blair is going to wear.

If you’re like me you come away from every show thinking that you would give your right arm to have the characters’ wardrobes. There’s not an item in Serena’s closet I haven’t envied and I am fully aware of how wrong it is that I want the entire wardrobe of Jenny, a sixteen-year-old.

And now, Bluefly has just made all of my wardrobe envy much easier to satisfy with their Haute Gossip section. It’s brilliant. Truthfully, Chuck’s wealthy-playboy-meets-flamboyant-fashion wardrobe is one of my favorites on the show. And to know that I can check it all out in one place… well.. I couldn’t be happier.

Don’t really care for Chuck’s ascots and smoking jackets? Check out Jenny’s short and stylish dresses, Blair’s preppy sweaters, and Serena’s low necklines—it’s all there and it’s all at Bluefly’s low prices.

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