Celebrity Style: Michelle Obama on Vogue

We thought it was going to be hard to remove February’s Blake Lively and her lovely glowing locks from our coffee table when the March issue of Vogue arrived, but how wrong we were.

Michelle Obama (of toned arms and exciting fashion choices fame) has hit the cover of the world’s top fashion mag. Of course, considering her husband seems to be on the cover of EVERY SINGLE MAGAZINE out there these days, it’s probably a nice change of pace around the Obama household to have Michelle posing for the photo.

And pose she did. In a magenta sheath by Jason Wu (who also designed her inaugural gown) for famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. She’s the second first lady to ever grace the cover of the magazine (Hillary Clinton was the first) and considering the entire country seems to be looking towards her for style choices, we’re not surprised that every outfit she wore for the shoot, she picked out. We cannot wait to get our hands on this issue.

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