Celebrity Style: Whitney Eve

No matter how ridiculous it continues to be, we can’t stop watching The Hills. There is something addictive about tuning in on Monday evenings to watch the obviously-made-up-supposedly-real-lives of wealthy LA twenty-somethings. While we’d like to say that we’re watching strictly because of the show’s stress on fashion, that would be a lie. Because really, we’re watching because Spencer makes any ex-boyfriend we’ve ever had look like an angel.

The fashion side of the show is a definite plus though. Especially since MTV launched this site where you can find and then click to purchase the exact items worn on the show. (We’re waiting to see what that brightly-colored number Whitney wore by the pool in last night’s episode was!) And now, in addition to all of the fashions on the show, Lauren, Whitney, and even Heidi have launched their own collections.

We’ve raved about Lauren’s line before, but now we’re actually a little more excited about Whitney’s new line, Whitney Eve. Finally in stores (we’re only aware of it at Kitson Boutique or www.shopkitston.com right now), the line features fun, Whitney-esque looks like the dress above for $345.

Looks like we’ll have to keep watching The Hills indefinitely—we obviously need to see if she’ll be donning any of her new designs.

*** CO-EDITOR NOTE*** Please mentally replace all mentions of “we”, “we’re” and “we’ll” with “I”, “I’m” and “I’ll”.  Sarah is the only one of the two of us who watches this show, as much as she would like to drag me down with her, I refuse to allow anyone to get the misguided notion that I have any sort of interest in the so-called talents of these ridiculous girls.  That having been said, I do think the dress pictured here is very cute. Ugh! – J
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