Charlotte Latin School Announces Fall 2018 Open House Dates

If your child is entering kindergarten within a year, now is the best time to apply to Charlotte Latin School, an independent and diverse day school.

With an emphasis on diversity and an impressive 96-percent enrollment rate, Charlotte Latin School (CLS) is the independent education solution that will propel your child to new heights intellectually and emotionally.

The school is adamant about small class sizes and rich offerings, which means admitting new students is a selective process. There are a total of about 1,400 students from transitional kindergarten to twelfth grade. The school only adds new students to kindergarten, sixth grade, and ninth grade, so if your child is entering one of these school ages, now’s your chance to get him or her into the best independent college-preparatory day school Charlotte has to offer. If your child is kindergarten-aged, you’ll have the best luck of getting your child in—this is the “primary entrance point” for CLS, meaning there are the most open spots for new students at this level.

Before you apply, though, you’ve got to visit.


Charlotte Latin School Fall 2018 Open House Dates

If you’re considering enrolling your child in one of the top, most-diverse private schools in Charlotte, don’t miss CLS’s fall 2018 open houses.

  • Lower School, Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten: October 5, 2018
  • Upper School, Grades 9-12: October 12, 2018

You can inquire at this link, which allows you to sign up for an open house or schedule a tour of CLS.


Why Charlotte Latin School?

Not only is this school diverse, but it holds onto traditional values while forging new paths in the way material is taught. Founded in 1970, Charlotte Latin School was the first inclusive K-12 school in Charlotte that was not segregated. A vital part of the Charlotte school system’s desegregation, CLS, to this day, celebrates their students’ diverse interests, talents, and experiences, knowing that these differences make the students stronger and well-rounded overall.

If you want your child to experience the invaluable combination of traditional yet innovative schooling, it’s wise to sign up for an open house as soon as you can. As mentioned above, student admission is limited, especially above kindergarten age. Help your child succeed, and take him or her to the Charlotte Latin School open house respective of his or her age group—he or she will thank you later (usually sometime after graduating college).

At CLS, academic excellence is encouraged, leadership is cultivated, liberal arts are valued, and phonics-based reading is essential. Though the curriculums are focused on learning, citizenship, service to others, hard work, the school reveres “Honor Above All.”

Learn more about Charlotte Latin School on their website. Or, sign up for an open house or tour here. Call the school at 704-846–1100 with any questions.


Charlotte Latin School (9502 Providence Road) is an accredited, independent, coeducational, non-sectarian, college-preparatory day school serving approximately 1,400 students in transitional kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

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