Charlotte mentioned in The Atlantic cover story

Charlotte is mentioned in The Atlantic's cover story, "How the Crash Will Reshape America," by Richard Florida. Followers of Richard "Creative Class" Florida won't find much new in the piece, which basically says that cities that do a good job attracting young creative workers will win in the end, but he holds up Charlotte as "an interesting case study" in post-crash America:


"Last fall, [Charlotte] escaped losing, big-time, by no more than a hair’s breadth. Overall, the roster of places that benefit from the failure of their champions’ rivals will probably be pretty short, and the names on the roster somewhat unpredictable. Especially among cities built around declining industries, more places will be weakened than strengthened; as with all lotteries, most players will lose."

In other words, who knows what will happen, but Florida will enjoy watching it play out. 

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