Charlotte Wine Experts Share Their Summer Picks

BALMY SUMMER AFTERNOONS and evenings spent picnicking or lounging on a porch call for a bottle of chilled wine. The best are ones enjoyed with friends, and seem to go down a little too easily. While you may already have a favorite this season, there’s still plenty of summer left to try something new. We asked a handful of wine experts what they’re drinking right now. Differences in prices reflect whether you’re dining in (list) or taking it home (retail).


Foxcroft Wine Co.
Southpark, Dilworth
2015 Von Buhl Riesling Sekt Brut, $37 retail

“There’s honestly never a time when I don’t want to drink bubbles. Sekt is sparkling wine made in Germany, and this one is 100 percent riesling. I love it because you get all the positive qualities of great Champagne with an aromatic turn that’s spot-on for drinking outdoors, and at half the price of most solid-quality French counterparts.”—Shawn Paul, director of wine operations

2016 Santo Assyrtiko, $22 retail, $44 list price 

“There’s just something magical about this wine. It has the ability to transport you to the Greek island of Santorini, where it hails from. Its focused acidity and ocean minerality cleanse the pal-ate, making your mouth water for fresh seafood and endless summer. It’s also capable of aging, showing an array of flavors from lemon zest (when young) to lemon curd and crème fraiche (when aged).”—Shannon Latting, wine director

Reid’s Fine Foods
Myers Park, SouthPark
2017 Chateau Reserve des Bertrands Rosé “Elegance,” $23 retail

“In color, this Côtes de Provence rosé could be a white wine with just the faintest hint of pink when seen against a white surface. Luckily, the fruit is still there, offering flavors of tangy orange and red currant. It has pepper and spice, as well as final refreshing acidity. There is only one word to describe this wine: elegance.”—Leyla Arcovio, director of wine operations and special events

Assorted Table Wine Shoppe
7th Street Public Market, uptown
2016 Leirana Albariño, $31 retail

“This 100 percent albariño, from the northwestern coast of Spain, is unoaked and full of citrus. Some mineral and floral aromas lead to a face-ripping acidity on the palate, making it a worthy opponent of oysters. Also pairs with lemon chicken or roasted vegetables.”—Joshua Villapando, owner

Myers Park
2015 Azienda COS Pithos Bianco DOC, $68 list price

“This is an ‘orange’ wine from southern Sicily, which means the juice of white wine grapes is kept in contact with the skins for a week to a year, picking up tannin, weight, color, and extra aromas and flavors. It’s layered with notes of almond, honeysuckle, spice, peaches, and herbs. It has a great minerality and pairs well with our menu, from salads to fresh fish.”—Lee Ann Dolcetto, general manager

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