Charlotteans Share Pastimes Taken Up While Sheltering in Their Places

From guitar lessons to deck-building
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Charlotte's mayor pro tem, Julie Eiselt, has been taking guitar lessons via Zoom from John Tosco of Tosco Music.

Amy Aussieker, executive director, Envision Charlotte:
“Much to the embarrassment of my children, I am learning all kinds of dance moves from TikTok and love it! I am pretty sure I am going to be a professional dancer when we come out of this thing—HA!”

Julie Eiselt, City Council member, mayor pro tem:
“1. Taking Zoom guitar lessons from John Tosco. 2. Training for a trip on the Camino (de Santiago) in Spain by walking every day, increasing mileage. 3. Family book club. We are reading Frankenstein. We are stretched out from Seattle to Chicago to Charlotte and Costa Rica.”

Ann Groninger, attorney, bicycling advocate and enthusiast:
“I have planted herbs on and off before, but this is the first time I’ve planted veggies (tomatoes, cukes, lettuce), especially from seed. I also bought two blueberry bushes, one blackberry, and a fig tree (tree is a bit of a euphemism at this point) … Normally, I’m an everyday or every-other-day grocery shopper. I’ve never planned ahead. I stopped doing that, of course. I think my reasoning was that I could grow some things and have them more available. That seems kind of dumb because who knows how long before any of that stuff is ready? But a fraction of my yard/patio does look nicer, so there’s that.”

Jess George, government and community affairs manager, Google Fiber:
“Eli (14) has watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to build a back deck, and now he (and his dad Aaron) are about three-fourths done building one.”

Ray Shawn McKinnon, pastor, South Tryon Community United Methodist Church:
“I have taken up making smoothies! It’s been fun. I hadn’t made them before. I am not even sure why I started. Since we’ve all been home more, Kelly (my wife) started buying far more fresh fruit and veggies than she did normally … I have made them with variations: mango, kiwi, strawberries, apples, oranges, pineapple, spinach, peanut butter, cacao, vanilla, maple syrup, pear, lime, grapes even!

“It’s been a fun thing to do … My youngest doesn’t love them, but he asked me to make him a pineapple and mango one—which I did, and he hated it. LOL.”

Responses were emailed and edited for space and clarity.

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