Charlotte’s Schools

The Big ThreeThe Big Three

Everything you wanted to know about Charlotte's "Big Three" private schools but were afraid to ask. Plus, a look at three challengers (January 2009)

By Amy Rainey

The Big Three

Up and Coming

How to Get the Most Out of CMS

Not everyone realizes it, but Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools offers an extensive magnet program, which we have demystified here (August 2008)

By Michelle Sims

Equation for Success?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $1.4 million to help five troubled high schools find their way. It may be Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' best shot at closing the achievement gap (August 2008)

By Sarah Crosland

Of Kings and Kids

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools fosters one of the strongest chess programs in the country. And these kids are good (May 2008)

By Mike Giglio






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