Chateau Gingerbread

The making-of the Ritz's giant gingerbread house
Chris Edwards
Ritz-Carlton executive chef Jon Farace works on the gingerbread house, which will be erected November 26.

The suites at uptown’s Ritz-Carlton just got even sweeter. The hotel’s annual gingerbread house, which measures twelve feet high, will loom in the lobby until December 30. The construction crew (a five-man pastry team plus executive chef Jon Farace, right) mixed, baked, and built the structure starting the first week of November and labored through Thanksgiving before erecting it on November 26. To create the 140-square-foot structure (complete with LED lighting) the team used—brace yourself—350 pounds of various sugars, 300 pounds of flour, 100 eggs plus seventy egg whites, and 24 pounds of molasses. The sad part? Because of all the handling involved, no one will get to eat the rubble when it’s taken down on December 30.