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Tips for the camera shy bride

As previously mentioned, I most definitely fall into the category of camera shy. To say I loathe having my picture taken would be an understatement. But between work events, countless fashion weeks and photographer friends, I've picked up my fair share of strategies to get through the flashes and manage a good picture. So for those of you brides to-be who share my camera-shy quality, I'm sharing all my secrets. 

Comfort is key

Choosing a photographer you feel comfortable with is the first step. Get to know your photographer before booking him or her, and half the battle is won. When your personalities click and you feel as though you know the person behind the lens, it's much easier to feel at ease in front of it. 

Lean on Him

Rather than focus on yourself, focus on interacting with your man. Live in the moment and forget there's anyone there to photograph it. That is when your photographer is able to get the best, most natural shots. Looking posed creates an awkward image. Rely on the level of comfort and intimacy you have built with your groom to-be, and let that be your source of security. 

Dress The Part

Making sure you not only absolutely love what you're wearing, but also that you feel comfortable in it is essential to taking a good picture. If you feel unsure of how you look, it will be conveyed in the photos. If you're purchasing a new outfit for your engagement session, wear it a couple of times beforehand, and make sure it's one you love. As per the gown (since wearing it prior to the day won't be an option), simply be decisive and head over heels in love with it before committing to buying it. 

Trial Run

As I mentioned above, having photographer friends has been a great help in making me feel less timid in front of a camera. But this can be accomplished by anyone. When you're out with friends, get into the habit of always having a photo taken. Aside from the added bonus of having a lasting memory, you'll learn angles that flatter your face and begin to feel a bit more at ease with each snap. After all, practice makes (picture) perfect!


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