Coming Soon to CLT: 5 Things to Know About Cirque’s First Ice Show

Cirque du Soleil is bringing its gravity-defying acts to the ice July 17 through 21—for the first time ever.

This summer, Charlotte will experience a surprising and captivating show by Cirque du Soleil—but it’s not the type of Cirque performance you’re used to. For the first time ever, they’re taking to the ice to “cool off,” and you won’t want to miss it.

Cirque du Soleil’s “Crystal” will be hitting the ice rink at the Spectrum Center July 17-21, and tickets are already going fast. Wondering why this show is so highly anticipated? Get the inside scoop below on “Crystal”—there’s a lot to know about this breakthrough ice experience.


5 Things to Know About Cirque’s Upcoming Ice Show, “Crystal”

1. Why they chose ice

Why change a good thing, you ask? Fabrice Lemire, Artistic Director, says: “Cirque du Soleil is always looking to reinvent itself. We always try to be creative and push boundaries, so the use of ice in our production was a natural evolution.”

He continues, “We aim to constantly surprise our audiences, and we were curious to see how we could use the different characteristics of ice—such as speed, motion, and reflection—to create stunning visual effects that intertwine with acrobatics.”


2. How difficult the ice made production

Though providing a brand-new, beautiful medium for the art, the ice was also the production’s biggest hurdle.

“One of the challenges was to be able to be creative in adapting the equipment,” Lemire says. It was a delicate balance—shoes and gloves needed support and padding to allow the artists to glide while also giving them enough grip and stability to perform acrobatics on the slippery surface. Similarly, the costume designers had to be extra creative in designing a water-resistant fabric that allowed performers to glide.


3. The main set piece weighs 30,000 pounds

Impress your friends with this little fun fact. The main set piece, the giant ice wall, weighs more than 30,000 pounds, Production Manager Chris Koury confirmed. Because it’s so massive, the wall has to be built from three sections that are individually assembled before coming together to form the final product.

“It can take up to six hours, 25 local stagehands, and a few of our own crew members to build the ice wall,” Koury says.

The equipment travels from city to city in 18 semi-truck trailers.


4. The storyline is a timeless tale for all ages

The plot of the show follows the main character, Crystal, who wonders where she fits at school, within her family, and within society in general.

“I feel many of our audience members can relate to the story of Crystal,” Lemire says. “She feels a little different and looks to find her place in the world. The story is about accepting who we are and not always looking for perfection. Sometimes, we must accept what life has to offer.”


5. The ticket details

As far as seeing the show goes, here’s what you need to know. “Crystal” will be at the Spectrum Center in uptown Charlotte from Wednesday, July 17, through Sunday, July 21. Show-times are mostly in the afternoons and evenings—such as 12:30, 4, and 7:30 p.m.—so it’s a great opportunity to make an outing of the exciting event.

Want tickets? Prices range depending on date and time, but you can expect to pay between $44 and $56 per ticket (before taxes). Click here to buy tickets.

Still need more details? Click here to learn more about the event.

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