Contest: Body Shop Moisturizing Treatments

I enjoy a blustery, wintry day as much as the next person. And, with winds that were actually knocking out the power at our magazine offices all day yesterday, I’d say that this week has that description covered. However, while I like a little chilly weather (only if accompanied by cute scarves and cocoa), my skin has a few things to take up with the forecast. Namely, the fact that cold, windy days leave it dry to the point of looking more crocodile than human.

So, I’m desperate, dear readers. I want to know where you go or what you do to keep your skin out of reptile territory during the winter months. Is there a treatment you get somewhere? Do you have a favorite pedicure place? (You know, one of those where they massage lotion into your legs to the point you’re certain they’re actually massaging your bones by the end?) Or even a favorite lotion/body treatment/oil/bubble bath that you use?

Click on that “Email Us!” link to the right and tell us before next Wednesday at noon. We’ll draw a name from the emails and the winner will get Body Shop’s Wild Cherry Body Scrub (above) as well as their Puree Body Lotion in wild cherry.

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