Cozy Breakfast Spots

... for the post-holiday calm
Amélie's French Bakery
A warm and delicious breakfast sandwich to bring calm and quiet after the holiday rush

The day after Christmas will likely bring an odd sense of calm (minus it being the largest day of the year for merchandise returns). With that, we found ourselves searching for a spot to enjoy the quiet in the morning hours. Here's a list of top breakfast spots that'll be open the day after Christmas:

Tupelo Honey: Opening at 9am for breakfast on Dec. 26, Tupelo offers a cool atmosphere for you to enjoy their signature sweet potato pancakes with peach butter. If you're really starving, go for the Shoo Mercy Omelet featuring pimento cheese, smoked ham, maple peppered bacon, fried green tomatoes, and pickled jalapenos.

Amelie's: It's open 24/7/365, so this French bistro and bakery has you covered for all your culinary needs. Try their house made hot chocolate with a fresh baked croissant or delicious egg sandwich.

Toast Cafe: You can eat at locations in Ballantyne or Dilworth, but both offer breakfast starting at 7am with delicious specials ranging from omelets to French toast.

Local Loaf: Artisan breads plus an array of hearty toppings are a signature for this 7th Street Public Market breakfast spot. Their most prized dish, however, is the Chicken and the Egg breakfast sandwich, featuring a poached egg, fried chicken tenders, and Cheerwine chipotle honey sauce.

Cafe South: If you're craving an old-fashioned breakfast, head to Cafe South. Tons of omelets served with creamy grits or a "works" stack of pancakes full of blueberries, chocolate chips, and pecans are available for your eating pleasure.

The King's Kitchen: The holidays are a time for giving, and the King's Kitchen does it everyday, as the restaurant donates 100% of its profits to the poor within Charlotte. If you're dining with a friend, share the breakfast plate featuring eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, Greek yogurt, cheddar biscuits, sweet potato hash, and/or bacon grits along with a stack of the buckwheat pancakes.