Creating a Homework Station

Use these last couple of weeks of summer break to prepare for a smooth start back to school
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A set space for homework helps children concentrate and keeps supplies contained in one spot.

As summer break winds down and thoughts drift toward the first days of school, a few preparations will ensure your kids are ready to get back into the classroom.

One idea is to create a designated area for them to complete their homework.

When we attended the IKEA Home Tour makeover a few weeks ago in Matthews (see the full story here), we saw a great example of a kid-friendly work space. The IKEA Home Tour squad made over a multifunctional space for the Fair family of five. One part was a living room, another a dining room, and the third was this workstation for the three children. It offers some great ideas for creating a homework space of your own.

First of all, establishing the space provides a central location for homework supplies. Instead of spending half of homework time looking for pencils and protractors, kids can sit down and have everything in one spot. Instead of dropping book bags in a heap by the door, they can hang them on a hook or stash them in a cabinet near their desks.

As was the case for the Fair family, homework often takes over the table in the dining room or kitchen. The materials must be removed before each meal whether the child is finished or not. A designated homework spot allows for stop-and-go sessions without the hassle of clearing and setting up again.

You can create your child's homework station to match your home's style. IKEA and The Container Store offer modern furniture and storage solutions. Children can help pick out fun, custom colors for their baskets, folders, and desk organizers. For another option, The Unfinished Furniture Shop on Pineville-Matthews Road offers several sizes of desks and tables. Once you pick out your piece, you can choose your stain to match your home's other furniture. The shop has bookshelves and cabinets, too. Or make a pass through Sleepy Poet Antique Mall or The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord for an older table or desk that suits your style. Old cookie jars, coffee tins, or enamelware make for eclectic storage containers.

Make sure to ask your child for input, too. For example, during the IKEA makeover, the Fair children chose their spots at the desk and what color storage bins they wanted. Make the homework space as fun as it can be with bulletin boards, a fun clock, and a calendar with a favorite theme.

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