When Customshop opened in April 2007, there was a great deal of hype surrounding the place, due primarily to the involvement of highfalutin New York chef David Pasternack (Mario Batali's partner at Esca, in NYC). Initially, we were disappointed with some annoying rules and poor execution. But, under the kitchen direction of Trey Wilson, the restaurant has now settled into its stride. Seafood is not to be missed here, as Pasternack and Wilson have an unnatural and almost disturbing (in a good way) passion for creatures that live under water.

Customshop on the Cheap
Wilson recently rejiggered the menu a little, dropping entrée prices as low as $14—a smashing deal for food this good. He's also developing a late-night menu of small plates, to run in conjunction with Customshop's new jazz nights. Wilson hopes to host a jazz night once or twice a month.

1601 Elizabeth Ave., 704-333-3396,

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