Ditching the Crown?

Charlotte's logo needs a makeover

Charlotteans would know that catchy crown logo anywhere — the one that’s sat in regal splendor on street signs, municipal trucks, and other city nooks and crannies since 1983. But is the majesty still there? we asked QC ad agency honchos for their thoughts on the royal seal, and whether or not it could stand a more contemporary royal treatment.

"I would explore the idea of being a regal city beyond such a literal crown. Something more loose, vibrant, fun. It might still reflect that shape, but could be more engaging, colorful." — Bob Shaw, president of Concentric Marketing Bob Shaw
"If the Charlotte city spirit is young, edgy, and blossoming then let’s update this logo to reflect that. Keep the crown and make it hip, edgy, and modern. The current font is stale and boring. Make it young, jazzy, and cool. A simple color treatment could really add excitement to even a stale logo as this." — Jeff Masilun, president of Mindstorm Communications Jeff Masilun
"I think there should be a conscious decision made by the city to decide whether they want the logo to reflect the heritage of the city or whether it should reflect the Charlotte of the 21st century . . . Personally, I would rather see the logo design reflect the dynamism of Charlotte today (latest recession aside, of course) rather than mirror its early history." — Joe Thompson, president of The Thompson Agency Joe Thompson
"From my perspective, it’s served us well over the years. It’s very memorable and clean, and it certainly hits on our history. Of course, our city has changed so much since then, and I think it’s time for some tweaking, some fine-tuning to show we’ve evolved. It has rather thick lines, so lightening those up could make it look more sophisticated. But I would not recommend a total overhaul." — Jennifer Appleby, president of Wray Ward Jennifer Appleby
"Overall, I like how clean and simple it feels, but I think it lacks a contemporary, progressive feel reflective of Charlotte being one of the more forward-thinking cities in our state. If you didn’t know the history behind Charlotte as the ‘Queen City,’ the icon doesn’t mean a lot. A tagline would help to clarify. The font used for ‘Charlotte’ also looks dated and somewhat conservative. I would choose a more innovative, modern font." — Vickie Canada, Group Creative Director at The Woodbine Agency Vickie Canada



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