Look for less wedding flowers

Save brides with a sky's-the-limit budget, the initial appointment with a florist can squash Pinterest-induced botanical dreams in a nanosecond. More often than not, the most stunning arrangements have equally stunning pricetags. And, even when in season, sometimes a bride's bouquet vision simply can't align with her budget. But before you spin off into a frenzy, don't forget that going local for floral arrangements means your florist can work some serious magic to achieve a similar look for a fraction of the price. Like designer duds, there is always a look for less when it comes to certain blooms. Here's a list of look-a-likes you can discuss with your florist when putting together bouquets and arrangements. And she will more than likely have her own tips and tricks as well. Of course filler and greenery is always helpful in lowering cost for those completely set on a certain flower, but for the bride who's looking for a comparable aesthetic, here are some brilliant alternatives. 

Hydrangea ($$$)

Floral twin: Bundled carnations ($)


Garden Rose ($$$)

Floral twin: Ranunculus ($)


Peony ($$)

Floral twin: Double Flowering Tulip ($)


Casablanca Lily ($$$)

Floral twin: Asiatic (Tiger) Lilies ($)


Dahlia ($$$)

Floral twin: Large-petal Zinnias ($)


Orchid ($$$)

Floral twin: Gladiolus, Iris ($)


{bouquets: Flowers By Lingky} 

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