East Boulevard Sidewalk Sale

It’s here, it’s here! This weekend is one of my favorites each year in Charlotte: East Boulevard Sidewalk Sale weekend (specifically, Saturday, June 2). It’s the time when the shops down this cute stretch in Dilworth haul last season’s leftovers and this season’s sale items onto the lawn or respective discount racks and tables. It’s when you can get tasty additions from Pour Olive for your summer dinner menus and silky body lotions from Cottage Chic. It’s when you snag cute summer dresses (with price tags that make your eyes dance with delight) from Petal and Sloan, and trendy jewelry from Laura James, among countless other goodies from the big players.

Without further ado, here’s how it’s going down this year:

-Petal: 20 percent off regular price items, 50 percent off already marked down sale items, and a $1 table, plus $5, $10, and $25 racks

-Coral: 25 percent off everything in store, plus a 40 percent off clearance rack

-Sloan/Step by Sloan: 10 percent off everything in store, plus a 50 percent off clearance rack

-Wine & Design: 10 percent off all gift certificates

-Laura James Jewelry: timing is everything; from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 25 percent off everything in store, and from 1-5 p.m., 15 percent off everything

-I.C. London: anything 30 percent off will be 60 percent off, and anything 60 percent off will be 75 percent off, plus all sale bras and undies 75 percent off

-Vestique: 10 percent off any purchase

-Cottage Chic: 50-70 percent off, plus $5 and $10 tables

-Pour Olive: 25 percent off summer white balsamic vinegar

-Blacklion: As much as 70 percent off at the weekend’s tent sale (read more tomorrow to hear full details)

-Maddi’s Gallery: 50 percent off sale art and crafts, 15 percent off picture frames, and 20 percent off outdoor sculptures

-Plush Interiors: 10 percent off coffee tables and chairs, 15 percent off accessories excluding lamps, and 15 percent off hostess gift items

-Sweet Repeats: 20 percent off regular price items and an additional 15 percent off sale items

-Modern Lighting: 20 percent off ceiling fan orders, plus additional markdowns

-Summerbird: 75 percent off sale stuff, 20 percent off regular price stuff, and a $5-$50 rack.

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