Emerging Nightlife

Seems like the bar scene has been "emerging" forever...

In honor of our fortieth anniversary, we look back at some of the articles that have shaped Charlotte magazine.


Even back in 1980, Charlotte magazine had a sense of humor. In the quippy feature "After Dark," writers Denise Buff and Roger Durrett tackled the emerging nightlife scene in Charlotte with a splash of humor. Turns out, not much has changed in thirty years—the advice to bargoers includes the same caveats we’d offer readers today: "You're playing a long shot if you think you'll find the person of your dreams in a bar. If you don't mind surprises, like an ex-husband or wife or children discreetly omitted from conversation, then the odds drop considerably."

From lounges (Mortimer's) to pubs (MacArthur's), readers found rundowns of Charlotte's nightlife scene -- who doesn’t want to know the split of postwar baby boomers (75 percent WWII, 25 percent Korean War) at Steak & Ale?

And while all of these hangouts are now defunct, the article offers a snapshot of a scene -- ironic considering today's surge in uptown clubs (from the EpiCentre to ultrachic HOM) and suburban-like lounges (hello, M5). What better way to reminisce about a decade gone by than by remembering the wild nights out at some of your favorite haunts.

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