Essential Charlotte Food Experiences

Recently, members of Charlotte Rotary North invited me to speak at one of their meetings. I was supposed to talk about the Charlotte restaurant scene. I was just getting to the good part when a fire alarm sounded. There was no fire, but we had to leave the building, ending the meeting. (Ironically, the fire chief and top members of his staff were at the meeting, because a firefighter was being honored.)

Anyway, I had prepared a list of 13 essential Charlotte eating and drinking experiences. Since I didn't get to finish my talk, I hate for the list to go to waste. So, faithful readers, here 'tis. Feel free to add your own: 

1. Pasta with red sauce and garlic bread at the Open Kitchen.
2. A hot dog at Green’s Lunch.
3. Tacos at Taqueria Mexico on South Boulevard
4. Fried chicken at Price’s
5. Fried pickles—or anything, really—at the Penguin. (My favorite is the Winky Dinky Dog, which comes with pimento cheese and chili)
6. Barbecued fried chicken at the BBQ King drive-in on Wilkinson. (This is chicken that is deep-fried, then drenched in a secret-recipe barbecue sauce.)
7. Margaritas and fish tacos at Cabo Fish Taco
8. Drinks at Bentley’s on 27, watching uptown's lights come alive as the sun goes down.
9. Dinner and dessert at Carpe Diem–because not only is this the most beautiful restaurant in town, the food is outstanding and all the desserts are housemade.
10. A steak at McIntosh’s
11. Order off the “modern” menu at Copper, an Indian restaurant on East Boulevard.
12. Dinner for two at Barrington’s (incidentally, the site of the first served mixed drink in Charlotte).
13. The chef’s tasting menu at Zebra

Did I miss anything? Feel free to share in the comments section. (You have to log in or register first–a quick and painless process.) 

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