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Throughout the year Charlotte magazine spotlights different categories around town and gives you our Exclusive Guides. Here you can find them all:

Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats

Yes, you can eat well for less. From (great) burgers and fries to banh mi to dolmades to frog legs to a smoked duck wrap, here are 58 places with big flavors and tiny prices. Plus, a guide to great taquerias and how to drink cheap wine every night of the week

Newcomers Guide

Newcomers Guide

Whether you're new to Charlotte, just visiting the Queen City, or have lived here for many years there are few things we think you need to know.


Comfort Guide

The Comfort Guide

In hard times and chilly weather, a little soothing can go a long way. But comfort is about more than a great pair of slippers and a warm cup of soup. It’s also about the things that make you feel safe, content, and just plain happy. Here’s a guide to help you get through the season


51 Reasons We Love Charlotte  

51 Reasons Why We Love Charlotte

There are probably a hundred more reasons why we love this city, but we've highlighted the ones that make Charlotte Charlotte. While we love Price's Chicken for its hush puppies, we love it more for the line of devotees who stand in line on Camden Road every afternoon. While we love the Coca-Cola 600, what we really love are the colorful tailgaters. Because while we love Charlotte’s unique events, great food, and semi-celebs, we love more what those things mean: that we're a pretty darn cool city. And we could use a little love right now.


Best Restaurants  

Eating Well: Charlotte's Best Restaurants

In our not-so-humble opinion, these 21 spots are the best restaurants in the city. In compiling our list, we took into account food, service, ambience, and value. And on that last note, we also offer suggestions on how to eat cheaply at each one (keeping in mind that "cheap" is a relative term).

FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction Real Estate Agents
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Top Dentists 2008  

The Power 50

We talked to dozens of sources, who all agreed to be candid in exchange for confidentiality. We Googled until our mice begged for mercy. Then we argued. Finally, we put the names in order, although don't take the rankings too literally.

Top Dentists

We asked more than 3,000 local physicians a simple question: Which doctor would you call if you or a loved one needed medical care?

Shopping Guide 2008  

Shopping Guide

Charlotte magazine's guide to all the hot shopping spots in Charlotte divided by neighborhood.

FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Managers
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Pet Guide 2008  

Pet Guide

Here are fifty-five ways to keep you and your pet happy and healthy.

Top Doctors 2008  

Top Doctors

We asked more than 3,000 local physicians a simple question: Which doctor would you call if you or a loved one needed medical care?

Real Estate 2008

Real Estate Guide

A look at Charlotte's real estate market

Best Places to Meet People  

Best Places to Meet People

We've profiled the best places to meet men and women like yourself. And you'll be happy to know that they aren't all bars.

Best New Restaurants

Best New Restaurants

From tapas to Italian to Low Country, then back to tapas, and, yes, even a steak house, these are the top new places to eat