Eyelash Envy

Say goodbye to stubby, barely there lashes. With eyelash extensions—yes, extensions—you can lengthen your lashes better than, dare we say, even the very best mascara? And while the trend's been hot in Hollywood for awhile (hello, Kim Kardashian), we got word that it's taking over the Queen City, too:

  • Charles Grayson European Spa Salon, above, offers the extensions for a cool $250 (fill-ins are $75). Aesthetician Beth Solomon's clientele has grown 10 to 15 percent in the last year due to, you guessed it, the extensions, which come in just about any color, too, from black to auburn to purple.
  • At Modern Spa & Salon, splurge on the lash luxury for $235 to $250 for the initial set while the fill-ins run you $55 to $75. According to aesthetician Trisha Compton, the lashes—which take about two hours to, um, "install" -- should last two to three weeks.
  • For $250 for the initial set ($75 for fill-ins), Carmen! Carmen! Salon & Spa aesthetician Ashlei Bradway has one caveat: the maintenance and potential, ahem, balding, is often discouraging. "They're attached to your natural eyelashes, so they'll shed and fall out," Bradway says. We say, take a chance, splurge.