Famous Adjacent: What It's Like to Be (Near Someone) Nominated for an Emmy:

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Sean Keenan

Some savvy readers of this column have picked up that I'm clearly not a full-time writer. They demand to know what I actually do for a living and to please stop referring to myself so often.

Unfortunately for them, the second thing is never going to happen, but it is a good time to talk about work because I have one hell of a story to compliment my newfound openness. I work in the art department of film and television projects filming in our area. Yes, it's as glamorous and exciting as you think. My life is a whirlwind of delight, filled only with the finest goods and services known to man. (If someone ever develops a sarcastic font, those last two lines would have been rotten with it.)

Often I forget how lucky I am, then I experience moments that put everything into perspective. Moments like last week. Fair warning: I'm about to drive both you and my editor crazy, because I'm going to be short on details due to contracts and clauses I had to sign in order to gain employment.

Here we go:

The television show I work on is a critical darling. We get Emmy's like old people get liver spots. When this year's nominations were announced we were on set shooting for our upcoming season, and some crew members were seeing the nominees as they were announced on their phones. I was standing four feet away from our lead actress when she was told she was nominated for best actress. I want you to understand: this is a very good actress. And the scene we were filming was fairly intense. But when the news came out that she had been nominated, even she cracked a smile. It was genuine, wonderful, and it felt like I shouldn't be there invading her privacy. But for a few seconds, I got to see what it looks like to be recognized as one of the best. I gave her some space, and let her enjoy what must have been an incredible life moment. It was for me, and I didn't even get a damned nomination.

I'm completely aware that most of you are able to put two and two together, and figure out what show and which actress I'm talking about. But I can't give you specifics. I need my job, I've got mouths to feed. And by mouths I mean a crippling drug addiction.

Just glad to be nominated,

Sean Keenan

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