Famous Adjacent: Where Were You When Clapton Played The Double Door Inn?

As I write this, Eric Clapton was in Charlotte last week. When most people think of Clapton, I imagine they think about the three songs classic rock stations have been playing everyday  for the past 30 years. (I could rail on for hours about horrible classic rock stations, but I'll save that for another time. And the three Clapton songs  they play are "Cocaine," "Layla," and "I Shot the Sheriff.") When I think of Eric Clapton however, I always think of The Double Door.

If you're unfamiliar with The Double Door Inn you're a horrible person. It's been open since the 70's, which makes it one of Charlotte's oldest standing structures.  It holds maybe a hundred people, and a few months after I first moved to Charlotte, Eric Clapton played there.

The story went like this: Clapton plays to a sold out show at the old Charlotte Coliseum. After the show ends, Clapton goes and plays a surprise set over at The Double Door,  and people who happened to be there get treated to one of the best moments of their lives. In the mid 90's, every time this story was brought up in casual conversation, someone within earshot would claim they were there. They would always say the same thing: "I wanted to see some live music, so I went to The Double Door, and wouldn't you know it, Eric Clapton walks in! Old Slow Hand himself!" After 278 times of this phenomenon happening, I became suspicious. If The Double Door only holds a hundred people, how the hell was everyone seeing this impromptu show?

I recently spoke to a person who claims to have been at the Double Door that fated night. They wish to remain anonymous, which as we can all agree, is an action both highly suspicious and fraught with questions. This same person also claims that they beat me in a NCAA bracket without ever showing me their picks. I spoke with them over the phone:

Famous Adjacent:
Can you remember what night of the week it was when both you and Eric Clapton showed up at the Double Door?

Highly Suspicious Person:
Why do you phrase it like that? I can't remember what day of the week it was, it was like fifteen years ago. Maybe a Wednesday?

And can you remember what Eric Clapton was wearing, the night in question?

No! A black t-shirt, I think. Why are you asking me questions like you're an (expletive deleted) cop?

Don't you worry about why I'm talking like a cop! And you can't say (expletive deleted). They won't even let me say (expletive deleted).

Really? Who is this for again?

Charlotte Magazine. You know, for someone who claims to have been at The Double Door that night, you seem to remember nothing about it.

Why are you such a (expletive deleted)?

You didn't actually beat me in the brackets that one year, did you?

(Expletive deleted) you. Which one is Charlotte Magazine?

It goes on like that for another 10 minutes, but you get the idea. This Highly Suspicious Person was clearly not there. You tend to remember the little details when you're standing three feet away from one of the greatest guitar players to ever live. But I want to believe. If you're reading this, and you were ACTUALLY there, I'd like to know about it. Contact me through Twitter or e-mail, or any of the 278 ways modern people contact each other. If you do, I'll tell you about the time I got kicked off The Bob and Sheri Show. (True story!)

– I shot neither the sheriff nor the deputy

Sean Keenan

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