Friday's Find: Creative Blu

A wedding invitation is like a mini preview of what your whole wedding is going to be like. Those gifted with an invite are close friends and family, so the invitation should be special and reflect the personality of the couple. This all seems so obvious when you receive one, but when the tables are turned and you become the sender, it often becomes a difficult decision. (Especially when its piled up on top of everything else you have to make decisions on—hey you’ve got a whole wedding to plan!)

So, in an effort to make life easier, we’re giving you a suggestion to help narrow down your options. Creative Blu invitations (from $8 each) are spectacular, and have a selection that won’t disappoint. Any theme, season, or color scheme can be found among the vast number of choices offered. Take a look at the gallery below to see our picks for invitations that would be great for coastal, outdoor, and spring weddings. But honestly, with all these great designs any one you pick would be a good choice.

Categories: Bride + Groom