GALLERY: Protests Continue in Gastonia, With Charlotteans Joining

Current demonstrations stem from incident at ice cream shop
The courthouse's Confederate statue has previously stirred controversy over the past few months, with sheriff's deputies guarding the monument.

Charlotte protesters headed to Gastonia this week for demonstrations in the neighboring city. Earlier this week, a 31-year-old law school student and Gastonia native said that she was treated poorly and after a dispute, was told to leave Tony’s Ice Cream on East Franklin Boulevard because she was wearing a “Black Lives Matter” button. She was then arrested for trespassing after police say she caused a public disturbance in the parking lot, sparking protests for the last few nights. Charlotte Uprising’s jail support efforts have now extended to the Gaston County city, as more than a dozen have been arrested since Tuesday. Photographer Logan Cyrus captured Thursday night of the protests.


Gastonia 3

Some protesters said they were “protecting” the ice cream shop over the past few days.

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A man drops off a set of Confederate flags for protesters.

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Nondenominational prayer group members also descended upon the protests.

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Flags flying at the protests include American, Confederate, Black Lives Matter, and a “Thin Blue Line” variation of the American flag.

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