GALLERY: What Panthers Tailgating Looks Like Right Now

Sparse crowds, great parking deals, and more
Panthers Covid Gameday 13
The Labrec family decided to drive their sage green VW camper down to tailgate. They only had to pay $10 for a space that usually costs $60.

DRIVING THROUGH UPTOWN during a Panthers home game looks a bit different during a pandemic: Photographer Logan Cyrus was out there for the team’s first game of the season. Here, he captures a few that made the best of it:

Panthers Covid Gameday 2

Panthers Covid Gameday 3

Rufus Justice, in town visting family in Charlotte, poses in his Raiders jersey in front of Panthers branded construction curtains outside of Bank of America Stadium.


Panthers Covid Gameday 4

Jennifer Wassman from Idaho and William Killian from Hickory, NC pose for a portrat under construction scaffolding near Bank of America Stadium.


Panthers Covid Gameday 5

Amber Mahomme poses as Justin Blango photographs her and their baby, Ava Blango, in front of Bank of America stadium a few minutes before kickoff.


Panthers Covid Gameday 6

Justin Blango poses for a picture with his Luke Kuechly jersey. The former player Kuechly is now working in the team’s scouting department.


Panthers Covid Gameday 7

Lucas (left) and Matthew (right) try and flag down potential tailgaters at a lot near Bank of America stadium. Eric Connors who runs the lot talked about how they would be happy to sell space to potential tailgaters but think that people assume they aren’t allowed due to COVID-19.


Panthers Covid Gameday 8

Eric Connors, whose family has offered parking for tailgaters since 1995, says that they could be losing up thousands of dollars each home game if fans aren’t there to tailgate.


Panthers Covid Gameday 9


Panthers Covid Gameday 10


Panthers Covid Gameday 11


Panthers Covid Gameday 12

The folks at Camp Meathead were one of just a couple groups that showed up to tailgate for todays Carolina Panthers home opener.


Panthers Covid Gameday 14

On a typical home game, these parking spaces would normally be full.


Panthers Covid Gameday

Paul Rathke, who has been selling Panthers apparel near Bank of America stadium on game days since 1997, stated he didn’t expect a lot of business, since no fans were allowed in the stadium.

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