Gardening Resolutions to Make for 2018

Prepare for your best gardening year yet.


Architect Allen Brooks waters the garden of his historic home in Dilworth. Read more about this outdoor oasis here. 

If your garden is looking feeble and forlorn during these winter months, you're probably feeling a little defeated in your gardening efforts. You spent all spring and summer prepping those plots for some successful sprouts, and yet here we are again at the end of the year, watching all that hard work get erased. But, rejoice, fellow gardening hopefuls—your best year in gardening is yet to come.

Instead of making unrealistic New Year's resolutions (let's be honest… you haven't stepped foot in a gym since the '80s, have you?), we're here to give you some gardening goals for 2018 that are actually achievable. Because sometimes we just need a little nudge. Below are some gardening resolutions to jot down and strive to achieve for 2018, because we believe this year is going to be one of growth.

Ready to step up your gardening game?


Gardening Resolutions for 2018

Say it with us: This year, I promise to…

Get my plant watering in check. That means taking note of every plant's individual watering needs, making a watering schedule, and sticking to it. No more over-watering your plants or letting them go thirsty!

Use natural remedies to handle pests. Store-bought pesticides can not only be harmful to your pets and other living creatures, but they might also be killing off the wrong kinds of pests. One smart remedy is to manage the environment to make it less enticing for bugs. Another option includes homemade bug sprays sans harmful chemicals.

Try plants suited for your gardening style (the hard-to-kill kind). Part of being a successful gardener is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. If you enjoy having houseplants inside but can't seem to keep them alive, try introducing some easy-to-care-for varieties to your abode—no need to reach beyond your abilities with notoriously finicky plants.

Concentrate on conserving water. This past fall, we did a little digging to see just how much water your plants should be getting, and the results were surprising. Turns out you're probably over-watering your yard and garden, so take note of these water conservation tips to be a more mindful gardener.

Spend more time in the garden. Instead of half-heartedly watering your plants, resolve to make a point to spend more time tending to your garden and just sitting among the beauty. Maybe even plan a garden party? Gardening is a proven way to become happier, so what do you have to lose?

Share the fruits of my labor. One of the truest joys of gardening is seeing your hard work pay off in the form of either beautiful blooms or delicious produce. Remember that sharing is caring! Homegrown produce can make a great gift (or, take it a step further, and make sauce or pesto from your yields to give to family, friends, and neighbors). And there's nothing quite like receiving some freshly picked flowers.

Introduce climate-friendly plants. Although non-native varieties can be appealing for various reasons, they aren't very practical. If you really want your garden to succeed, plant the varieties that are meant to grow in Charlotte's climate. Not only will you have better luck at keeping them alive, but there are various other benefits to peppering your yard with native plants. Read more about why native plants are important for your landscape.

Use my herbs. Whether you're determined to make your own lemon basil salad dressing or like to enjoy fresh herbal notes in your cocktails, there are plenty of ways to actually get use out of your backyard herbs. Perhaps try to plan for the year ahead by planting your own cocktail garden.


Hopefully these gardening resolutions have given you some motivation for cultivating a year of garden success! Let us know in the comments which resolutions you definitely plan on trying this year. Good luck!

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