Get better, Sorensen

Charlotte Observer columnist Tom Sorensen told readers in his column Sunday that he has cancer. Tom is not only one of the finest columnists in the country, he's a fine human being. In the current issue, we named him best columnist in the city. We said his columns were unpredictable. This one held true to form, although we wish he never had to write it. He says he's doing fine, and we believe him. Stlll, cancer. Fight it, Tom. Here's what we wrote about him:

Love him or hate him, you're never quite sure what the Charlotte Observer's Tom Sorensen is going to write. That unpredictability -- which means he avoids the easy or cliché column -- is the mark of a great columnist. Sorensen can be funny or caustic or moving, but he doesn't take himself, or sports, too seriously. And he writes from the point of view of the rest of us.


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