Going Private

With public schools, it's fairly easy to determine which are the better ones. Practically all of the schools' information, from test scores to teacher certifications, is reported—and scrutinized. However, information on private schools is, well, more private. A school can have a prestigious-sounding name and a fancy building, but not necessarily be the cornucopia of academia you might expect. With application deadlines at most schools occurring in the next month or two, we've helped take the guesswork out of determining which of the area's private schools are worth your money.

Here you'll find a list of more than forty private schools, featuring data such as student-teacher ratio, percentage of graduates going on to college, and more. We've also reduced the legwork for you by giving tips on how to navigate the admissions process, and we chronicle the experience of a local family currently applying to one of the area's most lauded (and expensive) private schools.

Edited by Jarvis Holliday 


Admit One
If you're preparing to enroll your child in private school for the first time or changing schools, here's what
admissions counselors recommend you do
Written by Mike Giglio

For What It's Worth
Growing frustrated with the public school system, this family chose the private school route. The school they're currently looking to get into is expensive, but they say it's a worthy investment
Written by Kristina B. Hill 



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