Grab & Go: 25 Must-Try Takeout Spots in Charlotte

A year ago, no one expected Charlotte’s diversifying roster of restaurants to specialize in takeout, but COVID forced a hard turn. Here’s a list of 25 restaurants that survived the switch—and which dishes to take home
Charlotte, Nc April 18th Sabor Latin Grill Take Out Food. Make Your Own Empanadas And Areapas And The Family Meal Kit. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On April 1st, 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor
Sabor’s DIY arepa and empanada kit comes with everything you need to create and fry your own masterpiece. Photograph by Peter Taylor.

Home Kits

Sabor Latin Street Grill

Multiple locations (neighborhoods: Ballantyne, Elizabeth, Montford, NoDa, South End, SouthPark, Steele Creek, University, uptown; towns: Davidson, Fort Mill, S.C., Greenville, S.C., Huntersville, Indian Trail, Matthews, Mooresville, and Pineville)

Sabor was one of the first local restaurants to pivot to kits during the COVID lockdown. The brand’s family meal box—with its different types of tortillas, meats, beans, and dips— deconstructed tacos that wouldn’t otherwise travel well. The most surprising item, however, was Sabor’s DIY arepa and empanada meal kit. Pick two proteins, and the restaurants arm you with rosada sauce, arepa shells, and empanada discs—along with a YouTube video the brand produced that shows a child making the entrees. Watching a youngster pull it off grants confidence to those of us less experienced on the stovetop. —Andy Smith

Yafo Kitchen

Multiple locations (Dilworth, Plaza Midwood, and SouthPark)

As with Sabor’s kits, diners embraced Yafo’s Mediterranean family meal soon after COVID struck. It comes with a whole rotisserie chicken, two of Yafo’s family sides, and a family-size Greek salad. The hardest part is picking out only two of Yafo’s essential sides. If you’re in the mood for some hot accompaniments, the Brussels sprouts and cumin rice are ideal—as well as the Greek yogurt mac and cheese. Cold sides include hummus, quinoa salad, and tomato-cucumber salad. (Important: You can order additional sides at an added cost.) The Chef’s Features, including the Israeli Hot Chicken and the Chicken Schnitzel, can also be ordered to go.—A.S.


Charlotte, Nc November 17th 2020 Mal Pan To Go Food. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 16 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

(Clockwise from top left) Mal Pan’s West Coast-inspired menu includes housemade tortilla chips, the Mal Pan bowl, Cochinita Pibil tacos, Camaron Royal tacos, sweet potato tacos, and Jardin tacos. Photo by Peter Taylor.


Taqueria Mal Pan

4625 Piedmont Row Dr., Ste. 115 D, 980-298-6138

Taqueria Mal Pan quietly opened in SouthPark’s Piedmont Row in November 2019 and gained steady momentum with the grab-and-go lunch crowd. Owner Andre Lomeli brings a Mexican and West Coast-inspired menu from his former restaurant in San Diego; his tacos, burritos, and enchiladas have the pizzazz of a food truck’s and the flavors of his native Yucatan Peninsula. The blue corn tortillas loaded with shredded chicken punch up a typical Taco Tuesday. The torta de cochinita pibil, a traditional Mexican sandwich, is stuffed with braised pork, black beans, queso, guacamole, and all sorts of sauces and spices you probably wouldn’t think to put on a fluffy white roll. And the California burrito, packed with skirt steak, queso fresco, salsa, guacamole, and French fries, is a handheld feast. —Taylor Bowler


Tacos El Nevado

Multiple locations (Plaza Midwood and South End)

Tacos El Nevado doesn’t have a proper Taco Tuesday special. But most of its tacos are just $2 every day, so it’s always a solid deal. We recommend trying these four first: al pastor, asada, pollo, and lengua. (Vegetarians, fear not: Tacos El Nevado serves non-meat options.) The owners’ native Oaxaca, the capital city of the Mexican state that shares the name, inspires much of the menu here. For a taste of “Mexico’s culinary capital,” try the Oaxaqueñas—tortas with ham, Oaxacan cheese, beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, and avocado—although you should at least order tacos on the side. —A.S.


These aren’t the only spots that offer a tremendous Taco Tuesday—and Taco Wednesday and Taco Thursday. Head to for several others

Charlotte, Nc November 18th 2020 Rigatoni Dinner With Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Salsa Verde, (some With Creamed Collards With Bacon & Pepper Vinegar), Pizza And Chocolate Mousse Cake. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 16 2020. Photo By Peter Tay

(Clockwise from top left) Osteria LuCa’s hearty Italian dinner selections include the garden pizza, roasted sweet potatoes with salsa verde, chocolate mousse cake, and Rigatoni Bolognese. Photo by Peter Taylor.

(Clockwise from top left) Osteria LuCa’s hearty Italian dinner selections include the garden pizza, roasted sweet potatoes with salsa verde, chocolate mousse cake, and Rigatoni Bolognese.


Osteria LuCa 

4127 Park Rd., 704-910-0142

The wood-fired pizzas are the main attraction at this family-run Italian spot. From the classic cheese to the prosciutto di parma, each has a crispy edge, bubbling cheese, and smoky flavor. Pasta dishes like the Rigatoni Bolognese and the Bucatini are solid and consistent, and the true meatballs with marinara sauce satisfy your Italian cravings when you don’t want to cook. Just place your order online and pull up to Osteria LuCa’s stretch of the curb at Park Road Shopping Center. A staffer will bring your order to your car—owners Tricia and Ken Martino run an efficient operation—and your Italian feast will be hot and intact when you get home. —T.B.



Multiple locations (Dilworth and SouthPark)

This local Italian chain prepares wood-fired pizzas and hearty pastas just fancy enough for you to forget it came from a fast-casual eatery. The “Familia Feast” is an essential grab-and-go weeknight dinner for parents on their way home from work or afternoon carpool. For $40, choose any two large pizzas, two family-sized pastas, or one of each. There’s a variety of red pizzas like margherita, pepperoni, and San Lorenzo, or white pizzas with toppings like caramelized onion, artichoke, and roasted mushrooms. If you opt for pasta, we recommend the rigatoni with chicken—and ask for extra marsala cream sauce. It’s so good you might want to drink it with a straw. Pick up your meal at one of Capishe’s two Charlotte locations or have it delivered via Doordash. If it’s been a really long day, tack on a few chocolate chip cannoli. —T.B.  


Head to for the city’s best Italian restaurants


Charlotte, Nc November 11th 2020 Sals Pizza Factory Grandma Vodka Sauce Pizza Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 11 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

The recipe for the Sal’s Grandma Vodka Sauce pizza comes from the owner’s grandmother, and it’s hard to compete with a recipe refined over generations. Photo by Peter Taylor

Sal’s Pizza Factory

3723 Monroe Rd., 980-219-7108

The “Factory” part of the brand is underscored by a robust menu. Owner Fabio Durazzo comes from natives of Naples, but his offerings include excessively American options like Stuffed BBQ Bacon and Buffalo Calamari pies. As for the traditional: Since Sal’s opened two years ago, carloads have driven away with boxes of Grandma Vodka Sauce pizza, based on a recipe from Durazzo’s grandmother. —A.S. 



715 Providence Rd., 704-372-8110

Pizza is a habitual takeout meal, and Stagioni gets it right every time. The spaghetti, gnocchi, and truffle tagliatelle still anchor the traditional Italian menu, but the pepperoni and sausage pizza has remained a top seller; people will always crave this Friday night staple. Owner and longtime chef Bruce Moffett (who also owns Barrington’s, Good Food on Montford, NC Red, and Bao + Broth) recognized this hankering for comfort food early in the pandemic and adapted his menus to emphasize family-style meals at home. He also came up with a DIY option for a family night at home: a $25 pizza kit with two house-made doughs, pizza sauce, mozzarella, sausage, and pepperoni. —T.B. 

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Charlotte, Nc November 14th 2020 Pork Chops Peking Style From Lams Kitchen In Indian Trail. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 14 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

Lam’s Kitchen in Matthews serves authentic Chinese dishes like Pork Chops Peking-style. Photo by Peter Taylor


Ho Ho Cherry House

2001 E. 7th St., 704-376-0880

This spot is a longtime go-to for American Chinese in the Elizabeth neighborhood, with all of the cuisine’s mainstays executed with excellence, from sesame chicken and crab Rangoon to General Tso’s chicken. Ho Ho’s spin on the latter, the Shun Lee Spicy Chicken, is a hotter version of a classic takeout entree. —A.S. 


Deejai NoDa

3629-103 N. Davidson St., 980-859-3701

We somehow managed to get two mentions of pork rinds into this list. This Thai spot places them in an unexpected location: inside its Boat Noodles soup with slices of beef, slow-cooked steak, meat balls, herbs, and sprouts. The murky result isn’t the most photogenic item on this list, but it’s certainly one of the tastiest. —A.S. 


New Zealand Café

1717 N. Sardis Rd., 704-708-9888

This small, 40-seat seafood grill and sushi bar specialized in takeout before the pandemic; the bulk of its business came from residents in nearby apartment complexes on Sardis Road. So the staff already excelled at arranging sushi rolls, barbecue salmon, and teriyaki chicken in aluminum serving trays. The café serves an assortment of specialty rolls—the spicy dragon, bamboo, and crispy eel are all colorful mouthfuls of bliss—and for less than its swankier uptown cousins. —T.B.


Lam’s Kitchen

1369 Chestnut Lane, 704-821-0676

The menu at this unassuming Matthews restaurant is long; you’ll find Chinese staples like General Tso’s chicken and lesser-known clay pot dishes with salted fish and curry beef brisket. For a family meal at home, try the Pork Chop Peking-style—the sweet-and-sour pork is crisp and tangy but basic enough for kids to love. And if they don’t, you can’t go wrong with the Chinese-style fried rice. —T.B.


Charlotte, Nc November 12th 2020 Dan Nguyen Of Lang Van And The Bánh Xèo. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 12 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

Dan Nguyen (above), owner of the beloved Lang Van Vietnamese restaurant, came to Charlotte from Saigon. The banh xeo (below), a savory rice-flour pancake, is a popular starter. Photos by Peter Taylor

Charlotte, Nc November 12th 2020 Dan Nguyen Of Lang Van And The Bánh Xèo. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 12 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

Lang Van

3019 Shamrock Dr., 704-531-9525

This 30-year-old Vietnamese joint on Shamrock Drive is best known for its spring rolls, vermicelli bowls, and pho noodles served piping hot with a plateful of mint, basil, and cilantro. But regulars know to start with the bánh xèo, a savory rice-flour pancake folded over sliced pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts. The familiar scent of turmeric, mint, and basil hits you as soon you open the takeout box at home. —T.B. 


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Charlotte, Nc November 13th 2020 Lupis Texas Chili Over Mac And Cheese With Beans Cheese And Onions! With Cornbread Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 13 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

Go for decadent at Lupie’s: Texas chili over mac and cheese, with beans, cheese, and onions (and don’t forget the cornbread). Photo by Peter Taylor



1807 Montford Dr., 704-525-4088

This sleeper on Montford Drive accomplishes what few restaurants can: chicken wings that travel well. Uncle Donnie’s Famous Blackened Wings are    Moosehead’s smoky, not-too-spicy sig-nature flavor, but they also serve chipotle barbecue, honey mustard and wasabi, and eight other varieties you can take home in orders of five, 10, 50, or 100. To-go boxes come neatly packed with celery, carrot spears, and ranch or blue cheese. Ask for plenty of napkins, because once they reach your kitchen, it’s your job to contain the mess. —T.B. 


Lupie’s Cafe

2718 Monroe Rd., 704-374-1232

Lupie’s, open since 1987, is the closest thing in Charlotte to a roadhouse, with inexpensive, filling eats, dollar beers, and dark wood decor in dim light. COVID has made it harder to soak in the atmosphere, but you can still order takeout from the restaurant or through its delivery partners. Revolving daily specials include meatloaf and “Chicken n Dumplins” with sides like green beans and mac and cheese. Any of the four varieties of chili warms the gullet on cold nights. —Greg Lacour


Ace No. 3

1001 Belmont Ave., 704-910-2200

Other than the buttery buns, the secret to flagship burger The Ace is the comeback sauce, a blend of ketchup, mayo, hot sauce, and other finely tuned add-ins. And make sure you get the garlic mayo to dip those crispy fries in. —A.S. 


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Charlotte, Nc November 13th 2020 Tipsy Burro Cantina Chicken Sandwich Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 13 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

The chicken sandwich at Tipsy Burro Saloon & Cantina is among the city’s best. Photo by Peter Taylor


The Roasting Company

Multiple locations (Montford, Plaza Midwood, and Rock Hill, S.C.)

You might try Jaco sauce and think, What is this exquisite elixir poured over my rotisserie chicken and rice? The concoction is a barbecue-teriyaki blend made in-house, and yes, it’s great on anything. Queso, which has a similar all-purpose quality for this writer, comes as the dip for the restaurant’s seasoned pork rinds. —A.S.



5610 Carnegie Blvd., 844-467-5683 ext. 2

To call it bar food would be an insult to Legion’s executive chef, Gene Briggs. Sure, you can down a solid burger and chicken wings at this SouthPark brewery, but Chef Gene spans multiple cuisines in his kitchen. Get a pork belly gyro, a pho mi dip, carnitas pizza, or a pastrami cheesesteak—each one tastes like it’s his specialty. Legion’s menu changes regularly, so some dishes come and go. But his classic corned beef Reuben is a permanent fixture. For the full experience, crack open a can of Juicy Jay when you eat it at home. —T.B. 

Tipsy Burro Saloon & Cantina

2711 Monroe Rd., 704-249-3317

The Tex-Mex spot in East Charlotte does it big, whether it’s sizable chimichangas or the decadent South of Philly Cheesesteak. Dave’s Fried Chicken Sammich is a hefty, juicy take on the chicken sandwich: a chipotle fried chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato, dill chips, and avocado mayo inside a toasted bun. —T.B.


Explore many other must-have chicken sandwiches at


Charlotte, Nc November 18th 2020 Cuzzo’s Cuisine World Famous Lobster Mac N Cheese And Chicken Wings. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 16 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

The “World-Famous Lobster Mac-n-Cheese” at Cuzzo’s Cuisine is so popular that it’s touted on the restaurant’s signage. Photo by Peter Taylor

Cuzzo’s Cuisine

3418 Tuckaseegee Rd., 980-298-6811

If you’re just trying a place for the first time, go for the entree that’s plastered all over the signage. The “World Famous Lobster Mac-n-Cheese” is a favorite at both the Cuzzo’s restaurant and its food truck. During Soul Food Sunday, get a takeout box with that and the Cajun fried chicken, collard greens, and rice for the complete experience. —A.S.


NoDa Bodega

1200 E. 36th St., 704-375-8704

This bodega’s tagline is “Best damn sammies in NoDa!” But I’d put these up against the roster at any other sandwich shop in the city. The bodega’s owners have garnered thousands of social media followers just by posting daily specials on Instagram and Facebook. A standout, among several, is the Bodega Reuben, a ciabatta roll packed with turkey, Swiss cheese, marinated slaw, and toasted caraway mustard. Also look out for this sammie regularly on special: The G-man’s G-wich, packed with Boar’s Hoad London Broil and 3 Pepper Colby Jack, chipotle mayonnaise, jalapeno bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, and balsamic reduction. —A.S.


The Waterman Fish Bar

2729 South Blvd., Ste. D, 704-275-5558

The lobster rolls and shrimp po’ boys are two of Charlotte’s best seafood lunch options. For dinner, go for the dozen house oysters, nestled inside a foil container over ice with cocktail sauce, lemon, horseradish, and white fennel mignonette. The Nautical Mule Kit for 2 offers a house-made cocktail mix to complement. —A.S.


11 13 20 Harriets Cltmag 0097

Harriet’s Hamburgers’ “hot and fast” burger stall includes a walk-up window. See one of their burgers on our Table of Contents, pg. 5.


Charlotte, Nc November 13th 2020 Chicken Sandwiches From Boxcar Betty’s In Optimist Hall. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 13 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

Boxcar Betty’s offers four chicken or ’shroom sandwiches, from the basic Plain Jane to the Boxcar, which includes pimiento cheese and peach slaw. Photo by Peter Taylor.

Food Hall

Optimist Hall

1115 N. Brevard St.

Optimist Hall was prominent in last January’s restaurants issue, and that was before some of its best stalls opened. Its website lets you pick and choose from the enormous roster, and here are three options the food hall added in 2020. —A.S.


Harriet’s Hamburgers
The teams behind Papi Queso and The Plaid Penguin opened a stripped-down, “hot and fast” burger stall with a walk-up window. Small menu (basically, burgers and fries); big taste (on a buttery bun with a “secret sauce”).  

Boxcar Betty’s
The Charleston hot spot brought its fried chicken sandwiches to Charlotte just as the entree was having a moment last year (thanks, Popeyes). Flagship sandwich Boxcar hauls pimiento cheese, peach slaw, spicy mayo, and pickles.

Felix’s Handmade Empanadas
The empanada is the ideal to-go treat, with all of its flavor packed inside a sealed pastry. With both savory and sweet options, one visit offers both dinner and dessert. You can also head downstairs to grab some award-winning beers from Morganton-based Fonta Flora Brewery. Having surveyed that many menus from the food hall, you’ve earned it. 


Charlotte, Nc November 17th 2020 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Fro Kid Cashew. Photographed In Charlotte, Nc On November 16 2020. Photo By Peter Taylor

Kid Cashew’s Winner Winner Chicken Dinner comes with a whole rotisserie chicken, creamy white beans, and your choice of Brussels sprouts or mac and cheese. Photo by Peter Taylor.


Eight & Sand Kitchen

135 New Bern St., Ste. A, 704-370-9696

This counter-service restaurant and bakery covers breakfast and lunch. The fresh breads and pastries are some the best you’ll find in Charlotte, and many of the salads and entrees have a global flair. The shakshuka, a classic Israeli breakfast, is a bowl of spiced tomato sauce with kale, chickpeas, two free range eggs, feta, and parsley with a thick slice of sourdough toast. For a classic Southern dish, order the Nashville hot chicken biscuit—it travels well and tastes good any time of day. —T.B.


Kid Cashew

1608 East Blvd., 704-208-4148

The lamb burger is more satisfying than anything from a drive-thru, and the super grain and avocado salad is a healthy weeknight dinner when your kitchen has seen enough grease-blotted paper bags. If you have a group to feed, the $26.95 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is as close to a homemade meal as you’ll get with takeout: a whole rotisserie chicken, creamy white beans, and Brussels sprouts or mac and cheese. The menu claims it feeds three to four people, but if you have children with smaller appetites, you can easily stretch this to five. —T.B.

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