Here, Billy, Billy!

Chris Edwards
Jeff Koenig moved from uptown, where pygmy goats are prohibited, to Kannapolis with his two pygmy goats, Alvin and Buckley, pictured.

Out with Once-trendy pet ferrets. in with pygmy goats. the loveable farm animals turned pets, which range from forty-five to ninety pounds and are sometimes called dwarf goats, have been spotted in front yards of homes in Dilworth and Matthews. According to the national pygmy Goat Association, almost 2,000 are kept as pets nationwide. (some owners even take advantage of the goat’s milk.) But not everyone loves the pygmys: they’re considered farm animals and illegal in some areas. Jeff Koenig says he moved from uptown, where the goats are prohibited, to Kannapolis so he wouldn’t have to get rid of his pygmy goats, Alvin and Buckley. "they’re really sweet, a lot of fun," he says. "i think they’re even better pets than dogs."

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