Hey, We Won Some Awards

OK, time for just a little bragging. I mentioned this in my editor's note for the June issue, but the magazine won some awards lately. For the third straight year, Charlotte received multiple awards from the Magazine Association of the Southeast, which counts regional and national magazines among its membership. We're also finalists for three awards from the Society of Professional Journaiists.


This year, we took home six awards from MAGS for work published in 2007. Full shout-outs go to Melissa Hankins, who authored the four-part series Charlotte Has a Problem With Crime, which garnered a gold award. Here is what the judges said about it:

Charlotte magazine's look at the city's crime data and law enforcement structure went beyond the statistics and talking heads typical of issues-based stories by putting human faces on those responsible for citizens' safety. Then, to wrap the series, voila: a call to action. Insightful, provocative work. Bravo.

David Childers also won a gold for his essay “One Night at the Gaston.” That piece has been anthologized in the new book Making Notes: Music of the Carolinas, from Novello Festival Press. (Another regular contributor, Meg Freeman Whalen, also has a piece in that book.) Here is what the judges said about David's piece:

Here is an ideal example of personal history as American history. David Childers' essay is as much an autobiography as it is a biography of a town and a way of life that once existed in the American South. There is something both joyful and melancholy in his description of a particular day in the life of his hometown. The event he writes about is long past, but it remains relevant and vivid in his essay.

David has a new piece in this month’s issue. “The One Rule,” a mashup of mostly memoir and some fiction, starts on page 82. The mag also won a bronze for Best Design (shout-outs to Carrie Campbell, Lisa Summerell, and Chris Edwards), a Silver for Best Cover (that would be our famous Brooklyn Decker cover from last May), and another bronze for Service Journalism for Get Fit Now, a package produced by Blake Miller.

Finally—and I promise I’ll stop soon—the crime series, an article on life in Fayetteville by Mike Giglio called “Living, Fighting, Loving, Leaving,” and a fashion feature shot by Chris Edwards, styled by Jade Wills, designed by Carrie Campbell, and produced by Blake Miller are all finalists for the Society for Professional Journalists’ Green Eyeshade Awards.

Double finally, our sister publication, Charlotte magazine's Home & Garden, took home a silver from MAGS for Design. OK, that's all. I promise. 

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