Hippie Chic

Brooke Carlson always had a knack for handicrafts. In her twenties, the self-proclaimed "hippie child" spent months on the road with Phish, her favorite band. To make ends meet, she sold handmade jewelry and funky patchwork clothing.  

Fast forward to 2006. After settling in east Charlotte, Carlson (pictured) began teaching yoga. When a laundry mishap stained a white pair of yoga pants, she got creative. "I saw a design opportunity. I tie-dyed them," she says.

The '70s-inspired look attracted a lot of attention. Soon Carlson was hand-dying old yoga gear for friends. The hobby grew into a business, and OmMade Creations was born. Today Carlson's designs can be found in yoga studios from Charlotte to Oregon. Each piece is hand dyed with no two alike. Groovy.

Prices start at $45 for tops and $65 for pants. To order, visit ommadecreations.com or the Ballantyne studio Yoga Flex (9852 Rea Rd., Ste. D2, 704-543-8000).

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