Holiday Detox: Part 2

A thrilling follow-up to part one

Welcome to holiday detoxing – part two. I knew you'd be back. In my first post, I discussed a few options that you could add in to your diet in the next few weeks to battle those unwanted pounds and the sluggishness that comes with all the heavy holiday food. Today, I'll share a few easy substitutions that will leave you as full and satisfied as a bowl of pasta without the carb-overload or guilt. 

Easy substitutes:

Cauliflower: This odd white vegetable got quite a bit of attention in 2013, and for good reason. Subbing out starchy mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower is delicious and nutritious. Cauliflower pizza crust holds up relatively well to the real thing, and cauliflower Alfredo sauce isn't QUITE as good as the dairy-based original, but it'll definitely help the cravings for cheesy pasta.

Greek yogurt: This is an old one, but if you're tempted to reach for the sour cream during taco night, try this lower fat alternative. It has fewer calories and much less fat. You can also use it as a substitute for mayonnaise in most recipes.

Zucchini: Using zucchini or summer squash "ribbons" instead of pasta will still leave you full and satisfied, but lighter in the calorie department. Just bake or quickly saute, then add a healthy marinara or lemon-pesto sauce over top.

Kale: As I said in part 1, this super food can be very easily incorporated into soups, stews, salads, and casseroles. However, it is also an easy substitute when you're craving something salty. I realize kale chips aren't quite the same as potato chips, BUT if you make a ton and have the bag ready and waiting when you do want the chips, you may find yourself reaching for these instead. 

Celery root: Weird, I know, and definitely NOT pretty to look at, but celery root can make a lovely alternative to roasted potatoes. It's also full of vitamin C, calcium, and iron. 

Now there's no excuse for you to put off your New Year's resolution to hit the gym and/or eat healthier in 2014. Too bad. 

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