I-Banker: The new epithet

Sez The New York Times in a pretty funny story about investment bankers who don't want to tell people what they do for a living. And to think in July we were calling I-bankers "iconic." Money quotes:

Last week on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart rolled a clip of John A. Thain, Merrill Lynch’s chief executive, defending bonuses as a way to keep “your best people.”“You don’t have ‘best people’!” Mr. Stewart shouted. “You lost $27 billion! Do you live in Bizarro World?”


“I’d almost rather say I’m a pornographer,” said a retired Wall Street executive who, for self-evident reasons, asked not to be identified. “At least that’s a business that people understand.”

The story has more than 250 comments. Here's Gawker's take.  

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