I Got Engaged Last Night. Where Were You?

Last night I made my way to the Mint Museum for Engage Charlotte’s “Voice Your Vote” event. Upon arriving I was immediately greeted and asked to make myself a name tag. (Name tags are not my thing, but, in the networking spirit of the event, I decided to go with the flow.)

I will say that, for multiple reasons, I was out of my element there. As a junior at Davidson College, I guess I'm a couple of years away from being an actual young professional, which is the demographic Engage Charlotte aims to serve; I am not from Charlotte; the political scene is not exactly my favorite. I expected the forum discussions between the candidates for City Council, Board of Education, and Mayor to fly over my head. Instead, I was happily surprised by the reasonable questions from the young professionals as well as the answers the candidates provided. The atmosphere of the event was relaxed and inviting, entirely non-threatening, and obviously a great opportunity for the young people of Charlotte to have their chance at real political dialogue, up close and personal with the candidates (not to mention that the food was fantastic).

I’m excited to see the people of Charlotte making tangible efforts to connect the next generation of leaders into the workings of the city. But as I looked around I realized that the tiny auditorium I was sitting in was half-filled at best.

The board of Engage Charlotte is striving to make this city a place were young people can feel welcome, educated, and involved. If they could do that for a small-town New England girl, they can certainly do it for the rest of the young people in and around Charlotte. I’d like to see the auditorium fill up next time…

For more information on Engage Charlotte, check out their website: www.engagecharlotte.com.


Lauren Forsythe is an editorial intern at Charlotte magazine.  

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