If You’re Single, We Want to Hear From You

We're currently researching and reporting for our upcoming Singles Issue. When it debuts, it will have been two years since we did this type of issue of the magazine, in which we devoted a substantial amount of coverage to single life in Charlotte. We received a lot of feedback on that issue from you, our readers. This time we'd like to hear from you beforehand.


If you have any noteworthy experiences or anecdotes about single life in Charlotte, please share. If you'd just like to vent about being single in Charlotte, go ahead and do that, too. And if you're a former single who would like to share your key to success–success being having found a special someone–your remarks would be greatly appreciated.

What we're particularly interested in is hearing from you about those places that are great for meeting single people. If you know of a certain bar, restaurant, grocery store, gym, social organization, etc. that is flocking with single men and women, share your pot of gold!

You can post comments below, or send e-mails to jarvis.holliday@charlottemagazine.com.

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