Interesting confluence in McCrory/Perdue race. Also, which will win, Iraq or Hooters?

Tomorrow will be an interesting day of confluence (I'm not sure if that is the proper word, but seeing as this is a blog, I'm not obliged to check) in the McCrory/Perdue race. (That would be the gubernatorial race, for those of you who are engrossed only in all things Palin.) Tomorrow at 12:15, Perdue is opening her Charlotte campaign office on East Boulevard. About four hours later, McCrory is holding a private fundraiser in a Charlotte home. A Google check shows that the folks living at that address have donated almost $4000--to Barack Obama's campaign.

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated matter, the top two headlines on right now are "Bush plans to pull 8,000 troops out of Iraq" and "Gratuitous pics from Hooters opening." Any guesses as to which will draw more clicks?

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