Interesting Decision by the Observer

Interesting call by The Charlotte Observer to cover the burgeoning John Edwards scandal. (In case you haven't heard, The, um, National Enquirer published a story last week about Edwards and his alleged mistress and so-called "love child." Included was a grainy photo purported to be of Edwards and the baby in an L.A. hotel room. No sources were cited, natch.) Most, if not all, of the mainstream media has been avoiding the story, which has of course been lighting up the blogosphere (both the alleged scandal and the MSM's apparent avoidance of covering it). It's not entirely clear why the MSM (as bloggerdom refers to newspapers and TV and the like) isn't covering it, but most likely it's because no one has any sources (The NE's sources are unnamed). Those pesky little rules of journalism!

By the way, I am trying to like the new Web site, I really am. But does anyone else find it slower to load (I think it's the ad on the right side)? And it seems like there are fewer story links on the home page, especially above the scroll (is that the Web term for above the fold? If not, it should be.) 

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