Introducing Dine & Dish

Ever tried to name a food blog? Not me. At least not until I named this one. I was determined that this food blog name should be both witty and straightforward. I would have preferred a play on words, some reference to Charlotte, and hopefully a reference to food itself. You’d probably imagine that this brainstorming process could take a few minutes or maybe even an hour, after which I would have decided on a brilliant witty name—one readers like you couldn’t resist.

You’d be wrong.

It took me days. Hours of scrolling through other food blog names in search of ideas. (Why didn’t I come up with “Holy Shitake” for a blog name?) I suggested names such as “Table for One,” which was immediately shot down due to its depressing nature and “Chewing Through Charlotte,” which was dismissed on the basis of sounding kind of gross.

A friend suggested “Hungry Hippo” at which point our friendship immediately ended. Another friend suggested combining two of the dismissed ideas for “Hungry Hippo Table for One,” which was when I realized this blog would mean I’d never have another date again.

And so, after much debate, I decided on Dine & Dish. It’s to the point, there are a few plays on words, and I’m a sucker for alliteration. I hope you like it. But more than that, I hope you enjoy what this blog will be offering: first impressions of new local restaurants, interviews with chefs, top dishes you’ve got to try, news and gossip from the dining scene, great ideas for new places to go, and a whole lot more.

So welcome to Dine & Dish, I hope you enjoy the blog—and maybe even its name.

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