Introducing Trade & Tryon

This new blog takes the place of our old catch-all blog, The Daily Buzz. Well, sort of. Although I wrote most of The Daily Buzz posts, we also ran small articles from other writers. And the topics were all over the map. I’ll be writing Trade & Tryon all by my lonesome, and, for the most part, I’ll be blogging about Charlotte business, politics, and media, plus the occasional sports missive. If I see an interesting story in the national media about Charlotte, I’ll link to that. If there is interesting news to share about the goings-on here at the magazine, I’ll share that.

This won’t be a navel-gazing sort of thing. Expect lots of links and quotes. Just don’t expect me to post every day. Some weeks I might. Other weeks, it might be one post. That’s just the rhythm of the office here. And I do hope you’ll comment—discussion is encouraged.

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