Is Southern food good outside the South?

Kim Hummel

Andrew Knowlton over at The Foodist just made a short—but somewhat bold—statement: that a regional specialty can taste just as authentic outside its birthplace.

I'm curious to know what Charlotte's foodies think of this. We're a city in the South with a lot of transplants—and many of those transplants have brought a taste of their hometowns with them to Charlotte. And I think that gives us kind of a unique qualification to have an opinion about this whole thing.

So you tell me: Do your hometown favorites taste as good in Charlotte as they do back home? Have you had a Southern meal somewhere else that was just as good as the ones you've had right here in the South?

Personally, I'm on the fence. I've had great fried chicken in a lot of places. And I've had friends from New York swear by some of the NY-style pizza they've discovered down South. Perhaps, as per usual, it all comes down to finding the places that are just plain good, period. (This would explain why I've also had not-very-good fried chicken in the South.)

But when it comes to certain dishes—shrimp and grits comes to mind—no place, in my opinion, can top Charleston.

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