JJ's Red Hots Make Moves

The beloved hot dogs of East Blvd are coming to Ballantyne
JJ's Redhots

A good hot dog is worth it's weight in gold, and JJ's Red Hots on East Blvd makes it their business to perfect the American classic. Currently under construction (see the sneak peak below, courtesy of JJ's Facebook page), the newest addition to the JJ's family is set to open in Ballantyne in just a few short weeks. We got the scoop from JJ's Marketing and Events Director, Brandy Newton. 

The official opening for the Ballantyne location will be in late July (check the JJ's website and Facebook page for details), and the arrival of the delicious dogs will be heralded with both a VIP soft opening for friends and family followed by a grand opening for the public which will feature special menu items and live music. Brandy believes that the East Blvd favorite, The Char-Heel which features chili, diced onions, mustard, and slaw, will remain the top dog at the Ballantyne location. However, there will be a few new additions to JJ's at Ballantyne, including re-mixed salads and a few more options for those guests seeking out a "clean eating" experience.

For those feeling carnivorous, all of the sausages will be made in house, with a few monthly specials popping up! There will even be seasonal sausages to meet every guest's needs. Plus, JJ's at Ballantyne will have a bar which will feature eight beers on tap in addition to an extensive beer list — even more extensive than the one at East Blvd. Sausages, hot dogs, and beer? Sign me up.

Of course, if you just NEED one of JJ's dogs before the opening, never fear! The Frank the Tank mobile hot dog grlling unit is available for parties, meetings, charity events, and more. Look for the colorful vendor at local breweries around the Charlotte area this summer and fall. 

Brandy also assures us that JJ's Red Hots is "serving the same great product, but the design of the Ballantyne location will blow you away. It looks incredible!"  

We're definitely excited to welcome these red hots to the South Charlotte neighborhood! 

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