Kroger Comes to Town

Will Harris Teeter cease to be?
Harris Teeter

Can someone explain to me why everyone seems so up in arms over the recent Kroger/Teeter news?

Being new to the area, I had to switch from Kroger — the go-to in Lynchburg — to Harris Teeter. I find Harris Teeter to be kind of pricey, although I am a big giant fan of their wine club (goes perfect with my steady and non-ending love affair with cheese). Whereas in Lynchburg I was able to buy two weeks worth of groceries for under $100, I find myself rarely if ever able to do the same at Harris Teeter. I realize the cost of living is higher here, but $12 for gelato? COME ON. 

I'm curious if the new merger will result in some lower prices and better deals. I've been doing the bulk of my food shopping at places like Target and Trader Joe's. Lucky for me, I still have both VIC card and Kroger card, so I'm prepared for whatever these food giants throw my way.

Kroger claims they won't change anything about Harris Teeter stores, but I'm sure little differences will begin to pop up here and there. I for one hope they do start adding gas stations to some of the Harris Teeter locations — the use of points earned by buying groceries to purchase gas is DEFINITELY helpful. 

So what do you think? Is this the worst thing ever? The best thing ever? Apathetic? Meh?

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